Information for Business Directory

Erie Media Business Directory

Listing in Erie Media’s business directory will help your customers find your business. We offer a low cost option for those who do not have a website or web presence. We can help people find your business on-line and build your customer base.


  • Business description about 500 words
  • Address & phone number and business hours listed
  • Up to ten photos about 6 inches wide
  • Email form so visitors can email owner
  • List your web site (though you don’t have to have a web site for this)
  • Google Map Integration based on your address
  • Ratings submitted by your customers
  • Ratings comments submitted by your customers
  • Up to 5 attachments (pdf, png, jpg, gif,  rtf, txt). Good for pricelist/menu and coupon(s).
  • Randomly appear in our Business Spotlight feature on the front page and post pages of the website.
  • Search Engine Optimization done behind the scenes by Erie Media staff, we will be filing out all the keywords and meta descriptions for your listing.

Additional features include:

  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Providing a web presence if your business doesn’t have a web site.
  • Your business becomes catalogued, organized under categories that customers find easy to search.

Directory Listing:  $140/year

To advertise with Erie Media in our Business Directory, contact Melanie Ker at