Federal Gas Tax Fund injects over $25M to Niagara Region

The federal Gas Tax Fund provides predictable, long-term funding to municipalities to help them build and rehabilitate their infrastructure. These projects not only improve the local community, but the resulting jobs also contribute to the local economy.

To date, $15 billion has been invested in municipalities through the federal Gas Tax Fund, with close to $22 billion to flow over the next 10 years.

The way funds are allocated to municipalities in each province or territory varies from one jurisdiction to another. The distribution model for each province and territory is outlined in the respective federal-provincial/territorial Gas Tax Fund agreements. In Ontario, funds can be used to support projects such as, but not limited to: local roads and bridges, broadband connectivity, public transit, water/wastewater, brownfield development, and cultural, sport, recreational, and tourism infrastructure. For a complete list, please see the associated links below.

Today, Vance Badawey, Member of Parliament for Niagara Centre, is pleased to announce the funding allocation numbers for Niagara:

  • Fort Erie – $910,879
  • Grimsby – $769,961
  • Niagara Falls – $2,523,373
  • Niagara Region – $13,114,292
  • Niagara-on-the-Lake – $468,209
  • Pelham – $504,632
  • Port Colborne – $560,148
  • St. Catharines – $3,994,978
  • Thorold – $545,160
  • Wainfleet – $193,243
  • Welland – $1,539,344
  • West Lincoln – $420,689
  • Total – $25,544,908

“The Federal Gas Tax Fund is a major, sustainable, source of funding for Canadian municipalities, which illustrates the success that can be achieved when different levels of government work in partnership with one another,”
Vance Badawey Niagara Centre MP said. “With such funding, communities are able to develop community improvement plans (CIPs) which allow them to properly plan for the future. It is through this process of developing long-term vision solutions, that the municipalities in Niagara will be able to reach their full potential.”

Source – Office of Vance Badawey Member of Parliament, Niagara Centre



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