How female scientists will save the world

If you are anxious about climate change, consider doing more than usual this year in Earth month. In addition to volunteering or donating to the same charity you have in the past, think a little bit outside the box this year.

Saving our planet is a long-term investment. That’s why supporting the next generation of climate scientists is so important.

We especially need to help women in the developing world get the education they need to become scientists and climatologists and to choose other environmental careers. This is because the developing world is most affected by global warming, and within those countries women are the ones experiencing this most. This gives them a unique perspective on how to fix problems.

If you want to support female scientists around the world, consider donating to an educational organization. For example, Beautiful World Canada provides comprehensive higher education scholarships to women and girls in Uganda, Rwanda and Sierra Leone. These scholarships help foster the next generation of strong women who will bring us the innovation we need to save the world.

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