Five ways to keep your dog healthy this summer

As the weather warms up and you prepare for a fun summer ahead with your pet, it’s important to be prepared and keep them healthy. Keeping them happy all season long doesn’t have to be an unpleasant, difficult experience. Read on for five basic tips.

  1. Feed your dog a balanced, nutritious diet. Diet can affect weight, teeth and fur, so it’s important to ensure they’re getting the most suitable nutrients for their daily health needs.
  2. Take advantage of the nice weather and go for a walk. Keeping your dog active helps with weight control and overall happiness. Plus, regular walks are also good for you too.
  3. Talk to your veterinarian about flea and tick prevention. There are multiple options available to help prevent and control fleas and ticks, depending on your needs. For example, you can choose a once-a-month chewable that is flavoured to taste like a treat. Ask your veterinarian what option is right for your pooch.
  4. Keep your dog safe from the sun. If your furry friend loves spending time outside, make sure you have access to shady areas for cooling off. You should bring your dog inside for a couple of hours, especially during extreme heat warnings, to avoid heatstroke.
  5. Grab a drink. Just like you, your dog needs to stay hydrated. Avoid the heavy panting and other symptoms of dehydration by providing fresh, cold water daily.



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