GetintheLoop Niagara helps local businesses survive the pandemic

GetintheLoop Niagara press release – GetintheLoop Niagara is pleased to announce the arrival of Canada’s leading mobile offers platform, which provides businesses with affordable advertising, and is now available to local businesses in the Niagara region.

Nick Samson, the owner of the national brand reputation management company FreshFeedback, purchased GetintheLoop Niagara as a result of the devastation to local businesses and tourism in the Niagara region caused by Covid-19.

“During isolation in June, my wife and I packed a lunch, self-isolated in the car and went for a drive through the Niagara region and we were saddened to see the hundreds of ‘for lease’ and ‘business closed’ signs. It’s then we knew we had to help local businesses recover by getting them to engage customers to shop local in an affordable way,” says Samson.

“Local businesses in the Niagara region no longer have to rely on radio, coupon books, or daily deal sites – which are expensive, require long-term commitments and are inflexible. Now they have a better choice,” Samson says.

Samson is also asking healthy businesses in the Niagara Region to help their favorite small business by sponsoring our services to them so GetintheLoop can help them engage more customers to buy from them, which is critical to the survival of local businesses.

“I’ve been offering our services to many local businesses below cost to help them keep their heads above water but we can’t do it alone so we need healthy businesses to help us help local businesses survive,” Samson says.

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