Help needed for Annual Wigg Winter Classic Ball Hockey Tournament

A.K. Wigg Public School is running its Annual Winter Classic Ball Hockey Tournament Friday March 10. The tournament is a fundraising effort of the school’s EarlyAct Club.

“Early Act is a social-justice type club that meets the needs of others both locally and globally,” said Tim Droppert, the teacher who leads the EarlyAct Club. “Rotary Club of Fonthill supports us by helping us resource our events and they have also provided the T-shirts students wear to identify themselves with the ideas of our club.”

The event raises money towards local and international service opportunities, last year they raised $3,000 towards their long term goal to build a classroom in Haiti.

“The funds are going towards raising $10,000 to build a classroom in Haiti,” Droppert said. “Within We Villages, we have joined the Education pillar since we are a school filled with classrooms and understand the importance of students getting an education.”

The tournament is all day, divided into three divisional cups: Junior Cup (Gr 3-4), Intermediate Cup (Gr 5-6), and Senior Cup (Gr 7-8), with a round robin format to determine the winning team. It is a 3 on 3 ball hockey tournament that takes place just outside the school building.

“This event gives our students the best opportunity to use their gifts and talents to better the lives of others,” Droppert said. “They learn that being a leader of a cause requires clear communication of the purpose of our event, hard work and perseverance to carry out the event from start to finish, and a positive attitude that spreads to their peers as they demonstrate that doing good for others can be fun too.”

“When the students reflect on the privileges of the education they receive here in Canada and then look at the reality of education opportunities for some students in Haiti, they begin realize that it is easy to take for granted the things we experience everyday but also that if we are able, we should share our resources with those who are lacking,” he said. “This event helps student to begin looking outside of themselves.”

The kids will be attending local businesses looking for support, any help offered would be appreciated. Those wishing to help as well as donate may call the school at 905 892 2605. Tim Droppert is the teacher who facilitates the club, he can be emailed at



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