Hot summer fun for Canada Day

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The heat didn’t keep people from celebrating Canada Day Sunday July 1/2018 at locations all around South Niagara.

The celebrations started early at H.H. Knoll in Port Colborne at the Optimists Day in the Park.

“I thought the heat was going to keep people away,” Port Colborne Optimist Club President Janet Pilon said. “But, we have a great crowd this year, lots of people have come out to celebrate with us.”

Port Colborne Mayor John Maloney commented on the spirit of the community.

“It’s so great to see so much red and white today,” Mayor Maloney said to the crowd. “Its community events like this that makes Port Colborne so great.”

MP Vance Badawey spoke about something former U.S. President Barack Obama said when he was visiting Ottawa last year.

“’What the world needs is more Canada in the world’ and that is you folks,” MP Badawey said.

“When we celebrate Canada Day every year, we celebrate us,” he said. “The folks that make up this great nation.”

“We are considered one of the greatest countries in the world and it’s because of the great people we have living in Canada,” he said. “That’s, in fact, what we are here celebrating today.”

Speaking from experience gained while working in the immigration sector, newly elect MPP Jeff Burch said “I’ve had the opportunity to welcome a lot of new families to Canada.”

“When you see the look on the face of a family that has undergone stress, their children haven’t been safe, well, they come to Canada and you see the look on their face, that they know that now their children are safe and they now live in one of the greatest countries in the world. “

“Margaret Atwood said ‘This is the greatest country the world has come up with yet,’” he said.

In Wainfleet skydivers from the Geronimo Skydiving Team lead the way with an amazing display including one of the skydivers with a Canadian Flag trailing.

Wainfleet Mayor commented on what an amazing job the volunteers and staff have done on this year’s event.

“I’m glad that council supported this event this year (the second year for the event) and the community supported us doing this on a yearly basis,” she said. “The committed has done such a great job putting this together, they even added special touches like handing out Frisbees during the parade, little things like this that make it more memorable.”

In Pelham the parade kicked of the festivities followed by a celebration at Harold Black Park

“We are very thrilled with the day, the crowd and the excitement that is here,” Pelham Mayor Dave Augustyn said.

“Lots of people are very hot, but, there’s lots of water to cool them off,” he said.

“We are just so thankful for the volunteers and staff that put the event together,” he said. “It’s great to see all these people out to celebrate Canada’s 151st birthday.”

“One of things I like to do is to share the ceremonies with kids whose birthday it is,” he said. “So, Page Taylor and Weston helped with the raising the flag and cutting the cake.”

“I just think it’s very special to help them celebrate their day too when everyone else is focused on Canada Day,” he said.

Merritt Park Ampitheatre was jammed packed as the young and old came out to enjoy Pink Floyd Niagara capped off by a fireworks display over the Welland Bridge 13.



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