Imagination at Work in Welland

The Mayor’s Report with Welland Mayor Frank Campion

Frank Campion, Mayor City of Welland. Photo by Thies Bogner

Frank Campion, Mayor City of Welland. Photo by Thies Bogner

By Mayor Frank Campion – Welland has made a few splashes in the media pool recently that has positioned this City on the global stage with one of Canada’s most respected industrial companies. GE has selected Welland to build a multi-model “Brilliant Factory” not only because of the City’s appealing Gateway Community Improvement Plan and aggressive approach to cut through red tape, but also because we have the human capital that most technology based manufacturers seek.

Welland is once again becoming a commodity in the international economy because we are repositioning ourselves and adapting to a necessary transition. This City has grown from a production centred landscape to a knowledge economy that is ready, willing, and able to accommodate imaginative manufacturing. The future of the manufacturing industry is coming, and this City has the skills, education, and research to benefit GE`s “Brilliant Factory” and lure other potential investors considering Welland for similar developments.

Niagara College recently opened the new Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre at its Welland campus. This advanced addition to the College specializes in engineering design, 3D technologies, lean manufacturing processes, and additive manufacturing. The centre connects the manufacturing community with faculty, students, and an abundance of resources in order to advance our commercial industries through research and knowledge.

Welland has come a long way since the old manufacturing days of iron furnaces and smokestacks, and we are advancing to be competitive in the global economy. This is why GE is investing in our City and building a 450,000 square feet facility that will not only bring 150 skilled jobs to Welland, but will also stimulate Niagara`s industrial growth. This is why GE is bringing a “Brilliant Factory” to a Bright City.


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