It’s time to talk Budget Welland

City of Welland logoCity of Welland press release – The Welland Budget Review Committee (BRC) kicked off the 2019 budget deliberations on Dec. 10, 2018, and introduced a new approach to gaining public participation and opinion.

The committee looks forward to receiving public feedback on Your 2019 Budget Talks—the city’s public engagement platform—to gain a better understanding on community needs and help build a 2019 city budget that benefits everyone.

The BRC is committed to preparing a sustainable budget that will support the city’s continued growth and development, and build on smart city initiatives while maintaining essential programs and services to taxpayers.

Welland City Council and staff encourage residents and stakeholders to visit, learn, and provide input on the city’s public engagement platform

Your 2019 Budget Talks public engagement campaign is a user-friendly way of collecting public feedback and Public opinion. Participants simply sign-up and begin to engage on the YourChannel platform, which gives them access to valuable information on financial reports, ask staff questions, and post ideas.

“A progressive budget that is reflective of our community’s long and short-term needs is vital to our city’s future,” said Budget Chair, Councillor David McLeod. “Public input helps committee members reflect on the interests of those they serve. This year’s annual budget should be viewed as a stepping stone in achieving our city’s future. As Budget Chair, I truly encourage the public to be engaged and provide feedback, as they are the ones we are trying to uplift.”

To learn more about the 2019 Budget and join the conversation, visit and have your say on the City of Welland’s Your 2019 Budget Talks.



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