Landlord fined $7,700 for fire code violations

St. Catharines Fire Department CrestA downtown St. Catharines property owner must pay $7,700 in fines for fire code violations relating to smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms after a recent ruling at the Ontario Court of Justice.

Lane Luck pleaded guilty on Friday, March 24 to five Ontario Fire Code violations at 144 Church St.: two counts of not having working smoke alarms and three counts of not having a working carbon monoxide alarm outside of each sleeping areas as required by the Ontario Fire Code.

One unit at the property was missing working smoke alarms and working carbon monoxide alarms while a second unit was missing a working carbon monoxide alarm.

Fire Chief Dave Wood said landlords must protect their tenants from the dangers of fire and carbon monoxide.

“All homes require working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms, it’s the law,” the fire chief said.

The court fined Luck $1,750 for each smoke alarm violation and $1,400 for each carbon monoxide violation for a total of $7,700 plus court costs and victim fine surcharges.

Ontario law requires working smoke alarms on every storey of a unit and outside all sleeping areas of a property. The law also requires working carbon monoxide alarms outside sleeping areas in all units where a fuel-burning appliance is installed or shares a common wall or floor with a service room containing such an appliance or an attached garage.

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Source – City of St. Catharines press release