Leslie scores first win of season at New Humberstone

Port Colborne’s Adam Leslie headlined the list of feature winners as Shadow Auto Sales presented Tops Off and Belly Flops Night at the New Humberstone Speedway Sunday, July 28/2019. For Leslie, it was his first win of the season in the Cosco Haulage DIRTcar Sportsman.

Rob Pietz from Gasline won the feature event for the Pro Fabrication RUSH Late Models. Jeffery May from Mt. Hope, Ontario scored the feature win in the Mod Lites.

Dave Bailey from Hagersville scored the win in the JC Auto Thunderstocks while Alex Riley from Thorold scored the win in the Glo & Go Tanning Mini Stocks.

Dylan Llord of St. Catharines won the feature event for the Airhardt Deliveries Pro 4 Trucks.

Jordan Cosco and Adam Leslie would bring the Cosco Haulage DIRTcar Sportsman to the green flag for their main event with Cosco showing the way.

Leslie would take the lead on lap three. Rouse to the lead on lap 10. Rouse and Leslie would see-saw back and forth for the lead with Leslie regaining the lead on lap 11, and Rouse regaining the lead on lap 15 while working lap traffic.

On an attempted lap 20 restart, the field got bunched together, resulting in contact and having several cars get tangled together in turn four.

That would put Leslie back on the point, and he would hold off a hard-charging Greg Panunte to get his first win of the season.

Sam Pennacchio would use the outside line to take the lead off the start in the topless main event for the Pro Fabrication RUSH Late Models.

Pennacchio would be challenged by Rob Pietz off an early race restart with Chad Homan racing in third. Pietz would be able to take the lead away on lap four from Pennacchio.

With Pietz out front, Homan would be able to pass Pennacchio at the halfway mark for second as David Pangrazio raced from fourth place. Homan would reel in Pietz and would challenge for the lead, but Pietz would hang on to score the feature win.

The annual appearance by the Mod Lites saw Jeffery May take the lead off the drop of the green flag, Tyler Winger moved into second with Brent Begolo racing in third.

Tyler Winger would take the lead prior to the halfway mark with May regaining the lead with five laps remaining. May would pull away and would go on to score the feature win.

Jason Fontaine would take the lead off the start of the JC Auto Thunderstock main event while being pressured by Billy Bleich Jr, Dave Bailey, and Jim Lampman.

Dave Bailey would take the lead away on lap six and would start to pull away from the field. A late-race caution would bunch the field up, but it was Bailey being able to pull away to score the win.

Cole Hardy and Sam Iftody led the Glo & Go Tanning Mini Stocks to the green flag with Hardy showing the way. Leroy Buscumb would take the lead away on lap three with Jay Moulton and Evan Curtis moving into the top three.

The top three along with Alex Riley would pull away from the rest of the field. Moulton and Curtis would bring out the caution on lap 13, allowing Riley to move into second place.

The restart would see Buscumb and Riley battle for the win. Riley used a last-lap pass on Buscumb to get the win.

Brian Aube had the lead at the start of the 15-lap feature for the Airhardt Deliveries Pro 4 Trucks.

Mitch Dumont would take the lead away at the end of lap one with Dylan Llord moving into second place. Dumont and Llord would pull away from the field and would battle for the lead.

Dylan Llord would take the lead on lap six and would go on to score the win, his fifth of the season.

NEWS AND NOTES: 80 cars signed in pitside for the racing activities. The Sportsman, Late Models, and Mod Lites were highly encouraged to run topless but was not mandatory.

Next Sunday night is the longest-running event in Southern Ontario racing, the All Canadian Championships. Performance ATV & Leisure will present the All Canadian, featuring the return of 10 a.m. time trials.

More info on time trials will be released on the track’s social media pages during the week.

The Vintage Cars will join the full Humberstone Speedway card plus a post-race party will be held after the racing is completed.  Gates will swing open at 4 p.m. and showtime is at 6:30 p.m.

All kids in attendance can check out the activities with the Humbee’s Kids Club presented by the Port Colborne Dairy Queen happening at 5:00 p.m. each race night.


Cosco Haulage DIRTcar Sportsman: ADAM LESLIE, Greg Panunte, James Michael Friesen, Jordan Cosco, Jay Mallory, Brad Rouse, Tyler Puchalski, Rob Sauder, Lee Mallory, Dylan Davidson, Derek VanMil, Matt Sharpe, Emily Puchalski, Nathan Peattie
Qualifying Heats: Brad Rouse, James Michael Friesen

Pro Fabrication RUSH Late Models: ROB PIETZ, Chad Homan, Sam Pennacchio, David Pangrazio, Adam Ferri, Tim Gillespie, Ken Winfield, Mike Greene, Jay Liverance, Josh Dolan, Norm Alwardt
Qualifying Heats: Sam Pennacchio, Rob Pietz

Mod Lites: JEFFERY MAY, Tyler Winger, Brent Begolo, Cheeseburger Iftody, Josh Sliter, Rob Misener, Marty DeMoel, Randy Giroux, Chris Perry, RJ Pietz, Craig Martin, Chris Watson, Dave Cornish
Qualifying Heats: Josh Sliter, Rob Misener

JC Auto Thunderstocks: DAVE BAILEY, Jason Fontaine, Ryan Dinning, Bryce Richardson, Donny Lampman, Zack Bleich, Kevin Kocarik, Ken Sargent, Billy Bleich Jr, Go Fast Teeple, Clinton Nicholls, John Overholt
Qualifying Heats: Dave Bailey, Ken Sargent

Glo & Go Tanning Mini Stocks: ALEX RILEY, Leroy Buscumb, Jeremy Cooper, Kyle Rothwell, Evan Curtis, Jay Moulton, Sam Iftody, Kourtney Kocarik, Mike Sarantakos, Trevor Want, John Lubeck, Craig Vlasic, Cole Hardy, Victoria Gravestock, David Hoyle, Olivier Larocque
Qualifying Heats: Leroy Buscumb, Jay Moulton

Airhardt Deliveries Pro 4 Trucks: DYLAN LLORD, Mitch Dumont, Frank Perry, Jay Dupuis, Jeff Larmet, Doug Crawford, Justin Towers, Brian Aube, Danny Wurster, Clinton Barrick, Jaime Ayers
Qualifying Heats: Mitch Dumont, Dylan Llord

Source: – Humberstone Speedway