Live streaming of council meetings to continue for 2016

Township-of-WainfleetThe Wainfleet Township council was presented with a report Tuesday regarding the live streaming of council meetings. The report asked that council continue to implement live streaming and that $7,000 be added to the 2016 operating budget for live streaming.

“Have we had any feedback from the public about this, do they like it,” Ald. Terry Gilmore asked during discussion.

“We had feedback after the first couple of meetings,” Mayor April Jeffs responded. “It is worth its weight in gold as we were having a planning meeting and someone we needed to talk to was watching and got in touch with us right away. It also makes us more transparent, open to the public.”

Ald. Richard Dykstra asked, “I’m just wondering if enough of the public knows that we are live streaming the council meetings. It’s very important that we get that information out there to the public.”

“We are getting word out there,” Mayor April Jeffs said. “It is still a culture difference for many of our residents, but, we have links on our website and are putting it out there through our social media.”

Council approved the report to continue live streaming of council meetings for 2016. Erie Media will be implementing the live streaming of Wainfleet Townships council meetings into our website as well in the new year.



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