MacInnis makes Oh Canada, Eh? debut

Caitlyn MacInnis

Well-versed in community theatre and the star of her high school production, 18-year-old performer Caitlyn MacInnis has made the proud patriotic leap to the Oh Canada, Eh? stage in Niagara Falls.

“I’m skipping to be here,” smiled the Grade 12 Welland Centennial student, while in the midst of intense spring rehearsals. “I’m super fortunate to be here.”

“I’m the baby of the cast,” she added, which includes an array of fresh faces amidst the veteran actors in this season’s new lineup. “I knew I’d probably be the youngest one there, so I brought my A game.”

Enthusiastic about her new career, the Fort Erie resident said she “heard about auditions for Oh Canada, Eh? and I knew it would be a perfect job for me.”

Celebrating its 25th season, Canada’s longest-running musical dinner theatre requires all its cast members to be a triple threat— talented in acting, singing and dancing.

While skilled in all three disciplines, “I definitely shine in dance,” MacInnis said. “I’ve been dancing competitively since age three.” The director is “stepping up the choreo and I like it. I like being challenged.”

Adding to her spring time-crunch, the busy honour-roll student also played the lead role in Bring it On.

“It’s about finding yourself as a cheerleader,” she said. “I’m very, very organized with my schedules.”

Oh Canada, Eh? management staff has been “really supportive,” she added, and “understands that I have my high school show.”

She’s been assigned to play “swing,” which means being stage-ready to portray a variety of female roles.

She enjoys the “interactive aspect” that features performing—and serving dinner—to the audience between sets, making the Oh Canada, Eh? experience a unique and intimate opportunity to bond.

“I’ve never served before but I feel like I’ll be really well-suited to it because I like talking to people. It’s a very welcoming place and the cast is very friendly. We’ve become a family,” she said.

Being so young, she confessed she “didn’t know over half the songs,” since some date back to prior decades, “but the cast helped me. I listen to hip hop, rap and musical theatre, but I like any music. There are a couple pop songs from my era by Avril Lavigne, Carly Rae Jepsen and The Weekend.”

Thanks to her mother being a Shania Twain fan, she didn’t have to learn those tunes for the show.

MacInnis plans to study musical theatre performance formally in the fall.

“It’s pretty amazing for me that before I even enter school, I’ve got my foot through the door, so I’m super thankful,” she said.

Source – Oh Canada, Eh? press release



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