Maloney confirms he will not be seeking re-election

City of Port Colborne Mayor John Maloney.

Port Colborne Mayor John Maloney announced in Port Colborne City Council on Monday Mar. 12/2018 that he will not be seeking re-election in the upcoming municipal elections.

“In response to numerous inquiries from citizens in the community asking if I will be seeking reelection to the office of Mayor, I feel that I have a responsibility to respond to these inquiries at this time, notwithstanding that nominations cannot be filed before May 1, 2018,” he said. “I wish to confirm that I will not be seeking re-election.”

“I have enjoyed my term as Mayor and wish to thank the people who I have worked with here at City Hall and at the Region,” he said.  “I am most appreciative of the support of the residents of Port Colborne who gave me this opportunity. It has been an honour to serve you.”

“I also wish to thank my wife and family for standing with me during the election campaign and during my term of office.”