Your Medications Matter: Patients reminded about important safety message

medicationsTo mark Canadian Patient Safety Week (Oct. 24-28), Niagara Health is reminding patients about the importance of bringing an accurate list of their medications when visiting one of our sites, whether it’s for a scheduled appointment or a visit to one of our Emergency Departments or Urgent Care Centres.

“To provide the best possible care, your healthcare team needs to know what medications you are taking at home,” said Andrea Forgione, Niagara Health Medication Reconciliation Pharmacist. “This includes prescription and over-the-counter, non-prescription medications as well as vitamins, minerals, supplements and natural remedies.”

In a recent survey of our Emergency Department patients, 48 per cent said they bring their medication list with them to every medical appointment.

As part of Niagara Health’s Your Medications Matter campaign, we have a print-friendly medication brochure on our website ( that allows patients to write out their medications, along with how much is taken and how often, who prescribed the medication and why, and if they have any allergies.

“Keeping an up-to-date medication list with you provides important information for your healthcare team, and improves patient safety,” said Forgione. “If someone has questions or needs help creating a list of their current medications, they are encouraged to speak with their community pharmacist.”


  • Prescriptions
  • Over-the-counter medications (allergy medicines, cough and cold preparations, vitamins/minerals)
  • Natural health products (herbals, homeopathic medicines)
  • Ear/eye drops, creams/ointments, inhalers, injections, liquids, nose sprays, patches, suppositories.

Source – Niagara Health press release