More money for roads in Fort Erie

Image by OlinEJ from Pixabay

Town of Fort Erie press release – On Tuesday, April 23/2019, at Council Infrastructure Services presented a report to Council (IS-13- 2019) which was a request for amendment to the 2019 Capital Budget to supplement the 2019 Road Resurfacing Program. The report asked for the increase of the 2019 Road Resurfacing Program by $1,126,754.

This amendment was made after the budget was passed as additional funding has since been made available through a one-time top up of the 2019 Federal Gas Tax (this doubled the amount of the original Federal Gas Tax to a total of $954,254) and an additional $172,500 from the Ontario Municipal Modernization Grant. The Modernization Grant is intended to help modernize service delivery and reduce future costs. Infrastructure services is not asking for any additional funds from the Town of Fort Erie, only asked that these funds be used towards the 2019 Road Resurfacing Program.

As part of an ongoing annual road maintenance program, Infrastructure Services Engineering staff prepares a road resurfacing program that includes a list of roads in need of repair as well as tenders for hot mix asphalt, surface treatment and asphalt patching.

Roads that will now be on the list as a result of these additional funds include but are not limited to: Michener Road (Point Abino Road to Sherkston Road), Point Abino Road South (Michener Road to Erie Road), Centralia Avenue North (Garrison Road to Nigh Road), Windmill Point Road (Dominion Road to Thunder Bay Road), Burger Road (Old Garrison Road to 1217 Burger Road) and Burger Road (Netherby Road to Fox Road). A full list can be found at

Kelly Walsh the Director of Infrastructure Services stated that “with the additional one-time top up funds from the Federal and Provincial Government, Fort Erie’s road resurfacing program can be expanded in 2019. This means adding locations originally scheduled for immediate repairs which did not make the 2019 list due to budget limitations. Performing the work sooner on these roads will lead to a greater improvement in the overall condition of the Town’s road network and ensures that the Road Resurfacing Program stays on track.”


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