Mother-to-Mother breastfeeding support group comes to Fort Erie

La Leche League Niagara will be holding its first monthly meeting on May 19 at the Fort Erie Native Centre. The meeting will meet the third Friday of each month from 10-11am.

LLLC Leaders operate more than 200 LLLC Groups in communities across the country. In Niagara, the organization holds monthly meetings in St. Catharines, Beamsville, Smithville and now at its newest location in Fort Erie, where leaders facilitate informal, guided discussions. During these discussions mothers have access to accurate, up-to-date and personalized breastfeeding information and support for their role as a breastfeeding parent. In addition, mothers are able to draw on the experience of other mothers who attend.

LLLC Leaders also offer telephone help to nursing and pregnant women who call seeking breastfeeding information.

Yvonne Trout, an accredited La Leche League Leader, speaks to the organizations local growth:

“It’s so exciting how La Leche League has been growing! We have so many local mom’s coming out to our meetings, not only to get breastfeeding support, but often just to meet new friends! It’s great to be part of bringing that support to the Fort Erie area”

Support networks are often critical for women and their success with breastfeeding. For Amanda Fulton of Fort Erie, the group meetings meant everything to her.

“I knew of the many great benefits of breastfeeding, but my support options were very limited. Living in Fort Erie also meant I was always commuting to appointments with my new baby, and I found the services provided in our town to be very limited. In the early days I had so many questions about nursing and motherhood, and these meetings were a way for me to navigate through some of the challenges but also celebrate the triumphs with likeminded mothers. These meetings and the women I met meant everything to me.”

La Leche League Canada (LLLC) is a national organization whose trained volunteer Leaders provide experienced mother- to-mother breastfeeding support through a variety of programs. An acknowledged expert in breastfeeding, LLLC is a complementary adjunct to the health care system, valued by the health care system and society.

For more information and assistance, or for a list of upcoming meeting locations please contact:

Yvonne Trout, 905-688-4347 or


Source – La Leche League Niagara press release



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