NC installs Commercial Cannabis Production teaching lab

Niagara College received five customized shipping containers Friday which will become their Commercial Cannabis Production teaching labs. Niagara College photo

Niagara College has taken another step forward with the installation of its commercial cannabis production teaching lab Friday Mar. 23/2018 at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus.

“Niagara College’s Commercial Cannabis Production Post-Graduate Certificate program will welcome its first cohort of 24 students in the Fall of 2018,” a Niagara College press release said. “Those students will get hands-on experience in the cultivation and production of cannabis inside the new facility.”

Five customized shipping containers which ultimately will become the secured facility were offloaded by crane Friday morning.

“When complete, the 900 square-foot facility will be capable of growing approximately 150-200 plants, and will house state-of-the art lighting and environmental control equipment, such as variable wavelength LED lighting, water recycling, and computer controlled plant nutrition,” the press release said.

“The secure facility will also meet Health Canada’s strict security regulations. Access to the facility will be tightly controlled and will be limited to program participants.”

The delivery of the containers is a milestone for the program which has attracted interest from applicants across the country. The press release says that over 30 applications have been received for the program.

“To date, over 300 applications have been received for the program, which requires applicants possess a diploma or degree in the areas of Horticulture, Greenhouse Technology, Agricultural Sciences, Plant Sciences, Biology or a related discipline,” the release says.

“Graduates will emerge from the program skilled and experienced in the cultivation and practices of cannabis production, and will also possess the knowledge and skills to navigate Health Canada’s strict and complex regulatory framework that governs the industry in Canada.”

People who graduate from the program will be able to pursue careers working with licensed producers as growers, operations managers and quality control and assurance positions.




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