New adjustments to Mapleview Medical Clinic team

Dr. Vanessa Ashworth and Dr. Daniel Baronas, Chiropractors at Mapleview Medical Clinic.

Dr Vanessa Ashworth has expanded her practice and is pleased to welcome Dr. Daniel Baronas, who will be practicing along side her at Mapleview Medical Clinic.

Dr. Ashworth has been practicing since September 2010, providing pain relief and wellness care for many musculoskeletal conditions.

This past summer as she took some time off, to welcome her second child, she was seeking a chiropractor to fill in with similar values and would continue to provide the level of treatment and service patients have come to expect from her.

Dr. Baronas was introduced to Dr. Ashworth through a mutual friend, and he agreed to work two days a week in her practice while she was on a short maternity leave. Dr. Baronas fit right in at the clinic and with the patients.

After studying for two years at Concordia in Montreal, Dr. Baronas transferred to McMaster and finished his undergrad there in Kinesiology. He then went on to the chiropractic school in Toronto at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College where he graduated on October 20, 2017.

Born and raised in St. Catharines he started working at a clinic there where he thought he would be setting up shop. During this time he was working at both locations and again did not really think anything of it.

“Things were going very well for both Vanessa and I, that we had a conversation and talked about bringing me on full time,” Dr. Baronas said. “And it was just working out mutually beneficial for both of us and we decided to go for it.”

“It is going great here at Mapleview and I don’t have to think what clinic I’m headed to every morning” laughed Dr. Baronas.

Dr. Baronas prefers being more available to his patients on a daily basis.

As with Dr. Ashworth he sated that “We do have the same philosophy, like most practitioners we have our differences, treating techniques, treating styles, but in terms of general chiropractic philosophy ,which can really, really differ, across the spectrum between practitioners we definitely treat and have the same mindset.”

Having a strong athletic background, Dr. Baronas played football in university, has a love for sports of all kinds, and did a lot of internships with trainers and strength conditioning coaches. Which he implements a lot of that into what he practices.

“I put a pretty big focus on home care and rehab and things to do at home. I don’t have 45 minutes to go over exercises and work them out every session. But I’d like to give one or two things whether it is just posture advice or one exercise to take home. My big philosophy is if you are not making any changes at home or on your own or at work, you can’t expect any long term changes then.

Chiropractic care for low back pain, Sciatica, neck pain, whiplash, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrom, shoulder/hip bursitis, tennis/golfers elbow, rotator cuff injuries, sports injuries, workplace injuries, injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, foot/heel pain, plantar fasciitis, orthotics. We also accept most insurance plans.

Dr. Ashworth and Dr. Baronas are both accepting new patients at Mapleview Medical Clinic. Appointments are available Monday – Friday with both early morning and evening appointments available. To book an appointment call 905-835-9817.