New Biz: 77 The Healing Space

Heather Hudson, owner of 77 The Healing Space in Welland

Heather Hudson, owner of 77 The Healing Space in Welland

In today’s world the hustle and bustle can lead to us neglecting our personal health and even our mental health, Heather Hudson, owner of 77 The Healing Space in Welland is hoping to be able to help people do something about it.

Her idea is to attract practitioners of different healing arts to present classes or offer their services through her business which celebrated it’s grand opening last week.

“I think this space has the configuration that if people in Welland and area want to try another route, try the alternative health route, it’s here for them,” Hudson said.

Nestled above Little Nashville’s on East Main Street in Welland, 77 The Healing Space has a very quiet unassuming entrance way, you go up the stairs into a very modern beautiful space.

“We bought this old derelict building and piles of money and sweat into it to make it what it is,” Hudson said. “It’s still a work in progress.”

Hudson describes her business as a multi-faceted business.

“It’s a place where people can come and relax,” she said. “People who are not 9 to 5 people who want to be passionate about something they want to do in their lives.”

“There is a lot of people that are in soul-sucking jobs,” she said.

“They are, to me, champions, the unsung hero,” she said. “They are working in jobs they absolutely hate but, they are doing it as they need to support their family, pay their mortgage, they live for their vacation, they live for their weekend.”

“Then there is another set of people, someone who might say ‘Oh my god, I’m passionate about nutrition,’ or ‘I’m passionate about reflexology,’ or alternative health care or ‘I want to teach people who they can get weeds from the woods and make medicine,’” she said.

“These are the kinds of people I want to give a voice to,” she said.

“I have space here so that people can come and learn about how to take care of themselves,” she said. “I think we are at an age where we know that regular Western medicine is very necessary but, often, we are given medications that treat the symptom and doesn’t do anything for the root cause. “

The business is looking to attract practitioners of various healing arts that can help people release the stress of everyday life naturally, without using artificial crutches. Currently, they have an instructor running yoga and Qi gong classes there as well as offering services in Foot Reflexology, Reiki, Facials, Massage and Indian Head Messages.

Hudson’s business is a place for possibilities. “I would love to have a watercolour artist run a workshop here, a photography workshop, anything that helps people relax,” she said.

The main floor space has enough room that small classes can be accommodated, numbers would be determined by activity and need. They have space, but, also technology if needed, to be used in class presentations.

There are just so many options for instructors who are in need of space.

“If people come to teach here, I will even help promote their classes,” she said.

She also has an area set up for her own business offering holistic services and products.

But, she is also offering the space for other practitioners who “have a smaller client base and don’t want the hassle of carrying a mortgage or monthly rent for their business.”

“I would love to have other people use this location for their healing arts business, offering more of a range of services and experience,” Hudson said.

People interested in contacting Hudson and exploring opportunities can call her at 905-735-0015. All ongoing activities through 77 The Healing Space can be followed through their Facebook  account. Watch for seminar/workshop postings there.




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