New Biz: Jay the Pie Guy

Jay Fink, aka Jay the Pie Guy has brought a fresh taste to West Street in Port Colborne.

Jay Fink, aka Jay the Pie Guy has brought a fresh taste to West Street in Port Colborne.

There’s a new flavour on West Street in Port Colborne, Jay the Pie Guy has opened up shop and is serving up their brand of good eating for everyone.

As the name would imply, they produce pies of all kinds, meat pies, fruit pies, pot pies, but, there is also so much more.

On a brisk day, you can enjoy a walk on the Promenade and stop in and enjoy a fresh made soup of the day with a sweet treat and a hot beverage, you can choose to eat-in or they also offer takeout.

Port Colborne has already discovered Jay the Pie Guy, their facebook page is full of customers raving about how great the food is,

“I’ve been baking and cooking for more than 15 years,” owner Jay Fink said. “I did the market all of last year, 2015, I was at St. Catharines Market putting out about 130 pies every Sunday.”

“Before that, catering for offices. I’ve done a lot of other things, it’s always been cooking and baking through different companies,” he said. “I’ve always been doing it for other people.”

So, for Jay, it seemed like the time was right for him to go out on his own.

“My mother moved to Port Colborne and she loves it,” he said. “So, I decided I wanted my business here, I love West Street.”

“It’s all about pies, home-made soups every day and home-made buttermilk biscuits with them,” he said. “We will be starting to add wraps in more probably in the next month or so.”

“We will also be doing more of an eat-in breakfast, we do an all-day breakfast now for eat-in or takeout,” he said.

“As far as the pies go we do the meat pies, the dinner pies, the tourtieres, tarts, cheesecake, cookies, fudge, pudding cups, yogurt, fresh fruit, we have a lot to offer,” he said.

Customer service and creating fresh products and concentrating on taste and flavour are the most important part of Fink’s recipe for success.

“To me it’s all about the customer service,” Fink said. “It’s also all about a fresh product, it’s not about just making it look pretty, it’s about how it tastes.”

“To me, that is more important. I would rather spend more time on the flavour and taste of something rather than trying to make it look picture perfect,” he said. “It’s all about the flavour and the crust, that’s important for a good pie.”

“All of our fills are made fresh for our fruit pies too,” he said.

He’s also making sure that the fruit pies have as little sugar in them as possible.

“All our whole pies have less than half a cup of sugar in them,” he said. “They are low sugar and we have diabetic customers who order our pie fills to use as jam on their toast as it doesn’t affect their blood sugar.”

Jay the Pie Guy is located at 174 West Street in Port Colborne. Their business hours Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. For more information and to watch for their daily soups, check out their facebook page:

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