New directory connects Niagara businesses with local PPE suppliers

Niagara Region press release – Niagara business looking to acquire masks, face shields, and other personal protective equipment (PPE) to cope with the demands of COVID-19 have a new online directory to help them find what they need.

“As Niagara businesses begin to reopen, finding the PPE to equip their staff to do business within this new reality can be a challenge. Through this new directory, we’re thrilled to be able to connect businesses with these supplies, while support the innovative companies producing PPE right here in Niagara,” said Valerie Kuhns, Acting Director, Niagara Economic Development.

Launched this week as a partnership between Niagara Economic Development and the Niagara Industrial Association, the Niagara PPE Provider Directory connects businesses with dozens of Niagara-based PPE providers creating made-in-Niagara equipment, including:

  • Mask and face shields
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectants
  • Floor decals and sneeze shields
  • Gloves and gowns

Each listing includes detailed contact information for the provider, as well as the PPE available. Users can sort by municipality or PPE type. The site also includes a contact form for PPE providers who wish to be added to the directory. The Niagara Industrial Association collected the information from each provider, while Niagara Economic Development built the online directory.

“The NIA is pleased to work with our economic development partners in Niagara ensuring they have the information necessary to support industrial businesses in Niagara. We currently have many members that are currently producing PPE and it is helpful to have these members included in the regional directory so that other Niagara businesses can source their PPE locally,” said Donald Cyr, Chair, Niagara Industrial Association Board of Directors

The PPE Provider Directory adds to the digital tools Niagara Economic Development is using to help businesses weather the COVID-19 pandemic. In May, Niagara’s Economic Rapid Response Team also launched the OpenInNiagara online business directory, which allows businesses from all Niagara municipalities, in all sectors, to promote and advertise their location, contact information, and details on modified business practices. Visit​ for more updates​.