New technology strengthening the pharmacist-caregiver team

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Navigating today’s healthcare system on behalf of a loved one and providing unpaid care is creating a world of stressors for the more than 8.1 million Canadians who are caregivers – many of whom feel very alone and unsure in their role.

However, new technology is strengthening the relationship between pharmacists and caregivers as allies in care. The goal is to ensure the person needing care has the best possible health outcomes, while also ensuring the well-being of the caregiver.

The 2018 Canadian Carers Pulse Survey revealed that 25 percent of caregivers said they were unsure about the treatment program or condition of the person they are caring for. Seventy-eight percent indicated that pharmacists are important in making them feel confident in managing medication for the care recipient.

With a new caregiver program now available in pharmacies, caregivers can confidently connect with local pharmacists who are specially trained to support the many questions and issues they may have.  Through education tools, checklists and a collection of other resources, the program can help deliver support and advocacy for loved ones with increased knowledge, confidence, and support from their pharmacy team who understands them.

Among the tools it provides are a caregiver handbook, a tool to track one’s support network and a pharmacy checklist to help caregivers write down, organize and update key information.

Through the program, caregivers also have access to – an online community dedicated to all topics regarding caregiving and health, offering the largest online caregiver support network in Canada.

“The emphasis is on developing proactive and concrete solutions that build strong connections between caregivers and the pharmacy team,” says Mark Stolow, president of the Canadian Caregiver Network. “We know caregivers feel alone and that pharmacists are the most accessible members of the healthcare team, especially in terms of medication management.  When we bring them together as allies, we open up an important dialogue and create a sense of confidence for the caregiver knowing they have the expertise and support of a pharmacist when they need it.”

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