Next generation Leahy coming to FirstOntario PAC

FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre press release – All 18 years and younger, the siblings in The Next Generation Leahy have accomplished multi-instrumentalists whose live performances are filled with high-energy, infectious Celtic based music. Fresh off their appearance on the hit Nickelodeon/YTV show America’s Most Musical Family, the band is set to perform in Partridge Hall on Sunday, Mar. 22/2020, at 2:30 p.m.

Not content to play only the music of their Celtic heritage, The Next Generation Leahy explore many genres of music and pull influences from far and wide. Fiddle, cello, French accordion, singing, piano, and French-Canadian step-dancing serve to bring their unique style of music to life.

Next Generation Leahy is led by fiddler, dancer and father Doug Leahy, formerly of the Canadian folk group Leahy. Jennifer plays piano, sings and also home schools the kids at home on the farmstead or while on the road touring. Rounding out the rest of the family band is Adele, 17 (fiddle, piano, cello, step-dance, vocals), Gregory, 16 (fiddle, accordion, piano, step-dance, vocals, drums), Angus, 14 (fiddle, piano, guitar, step-dance, vocals), Cecilia, 12 (fiddle, piano, step-dance, vocals, mandolin), Joseph, 11 (fiddle, step-dance, accordion, piano, vocals) and Evelyn, 9 (fiddle, step-dance, piano, vocals)

“We’re really not needed, and that’s a wonderful thing,” Doug told CentreStage Magazine. If anything, the parents take more of a management and mentorship role. Along with a busy tour schedule, they help make sure their children are able to balance their time between school, sports and farm chores. “There’s a lot of responsibility to go around,” he said.

The Next Generation Leahy competed in season one of America’s Most Musical Family which saw 30 families from across North America compete for a record contract. The inaugural season ended this past January, and while the Leahys did not win, they were semi-finalists and had a trip California they will never forget.

“Our days in California were filled with rehearsals, working with show producers, wardrobe and don’t get me started on the traffic in Los Angeles!” joked Leahy. “The kids were in awe of how much work goes into what we, as viewers, finally see on TV. It’s quite something to be a part of.”

The Next Generation Leahy perform in Partridge Hall on Sunday, Mar. 22/2020, at 2:30 p.m. Click on for tickets or visit the box office in-person at 250 St. Paul Street or call the box office: 905-688-0722.