Niagara Beach Report: Friday August 11/2017

For this week’s beach report, seven Niagara Region public beaches are listed as unsafe for swimming due to water tests showing unacceptable levels of E. Coli bacteria.

“The beach might also be unsafe because of floating debris, oil, excessive weed growth, bad odours and general turbidity,” the Niagara Region website says. “Swimming in these waters could cause infections of the ear, eye, nose, throat and skin as well as cause diarrhea if the water is ingested.”

As of Friday August 11/2017 the current list of beaches listed unsafe for swimming are:

  • Charles Daley Park East, Lincoln
  • Charles Daley Park West, Lincoln
  • Cresent Beach, Fort Erie
  • Nelles Beach, Grimsby
  • Sherkston Quarry Beach, Port Colborne
  • Wainfleet Lake Erie Public Access Beach, Wainfleet
  • Waverly Beach, Fort Erie.

The Niagara Region only tests public beaches.

According to the Niagara Region website weather conditions can affect test results.

“Beach water testing results may not always be accurate as conditions can change quickly due to the weather,” the website says. “Test results are intended as general guidance. Residents are encouraged to consider the current weather before deciding to enter the water.”

The beach test results are listed at the following link on the Niagara Region website:



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