Niagara College business prof tops the X-Culture list

‘X’ marks the spot for Niagara College (NC) professor Navjote Khara on the X-Culture’s score card for Best Instructor award.

Dr. Khara (PhD) a Niagara Falls resident, won the Best X-Culture Instructor award for 2016 from a field of skilled colleagues who participated in a global competition.

A partnership of 400 international business professors from around the world, X-Culture features virtual teams of six students – with each team member competing from a different country – spending a semester solving real business challenges represented by real companies. The best teams are invited to participate in the annual X-Culture symposium where they meet their team partners and top managers from the client company.

Khara, coordinator of NC’s Bachelor of Business Administration, International Commerce and Global Development program, teaches students who compete in the X-Culture event. She was among 30 of the highest ranking instructors to receive the award from a field of 100.

X-Culture project coordinator Vas Taras, X-Culture project coordinator, said Khara was among the best.

“We carefully measure their and their student’s performance. In 2016, based on our data, Khara was among the very best,” added Taras.

“The work that Dr. Khara does in bringing international collaboration into the classrooms enabling students to work on real, hands-on business projects is a great example of our global learning environment,” said NC dean of business, hospitality and environment, Vivian Kinnaird. “We are very proud of her commitment to our students.”

Khara was quick to focus the spotlight on her students, noting that when the instructors do well, so do the students.

“This achievement is linked to the student performance in terms of effort, intellectual contribution collegiality and other factors – I would say this award is for the best class,” said Khara. “It also reflects on the quality of our students, faculty, leadership and the School of Business’ efforts and capabilities to deliver high academic standards as well as benchmark our performance with the leading world colleges and universities.”

Undergraduates from 100 universities on six continents participate in X-Culture every semester. This is the third year that NC students have been participating, as a course requirement. Last year, NC student Gwendolyn Kitiwano won the prize for Best Report.

Only three Canadians received the Instructor award and Khara was the only winner from an Ontario college.

Source – Niagara College press release



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