Nickel Street – Cause of Fire Results

The Port Colborne Fire and Emergency Services Department has released the results of the investigation into the fatal December Nickel St. fire.


“At approximately 01:22 hrs. on the morning of December 14, 2016, Port Colborne Fire and Emergency Services responded to a reported structure fire at 53 Nickel Street, Port Colborne, Ontario,” the release said. “Upon arrival, firefighters found the structure to be fully involved in fire and severe smoke conditions. Tragically, the fire at 53 Nickel Street resulted in the loss of four lives.”

“The results of the investigation conducted by the Office of the Fire Marshal, in conjunction with Niagara Regional Police, the Coroner’s Office, and Port Colborne Fire and Emergency Services, have determined the fire cause to be ‘accidental – misused ignition source/equipment improperly discharged,'” the release said.

“This fire has had a devastating effect on the families involved and their friends. Emergency Responders, Investigators and the community have been deeply affected by this occurrence,” the release said. “The Fire Department’s deepest sympathy goes out to everyone involved or affected by the tragic loss.”

“All of the staff at the City of Port Colborne Fire and Emergency Services continue to work diligently in an effort to ensure a tragedy such as this never happens again within our city. Please help us by committing to fire safety.”



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