NRPS change alarm response protocol

As of July 1/2018 the Niagara Regional Police Service (NRPS) have implemented a Verified Alarm Response Program.

“Effective July 1, 2018 the Niagara Regional Police Service will no longer be able to accept any intrusion alarm from an alarm company or a monitoring agency that has not been verified,” a press release from the NRPS said.

The press release says that it will be the responsibility of the monitoring agency to verify the alarm and determine whether police response is requested before contacting the NRPS.

The criteria to determine this is:

– audio sensing/signals that confirm criminal activity by the sounds detected within the premise;
– video monitoring that confirms criminal activity through visual images;
– confirmation made by an owner, key holder, an alternate response agency, or a witness on scene who can confirm the existence of a suspected criminal act; or
– multiple alarm activation points whose manner or sequence of activation indicates that suspected criminal activity is, or has taken place

“The Verified Alarm Response Program only applies to residential and commercial intrusion alarms being reported by an alarm company or monitoring agency,” the press release said. “Hold-up, robbery, panic/duress, or registered Mobile Tracking Emergency Response System alarms called in by an alarm company or monitoring agency are not affected by this change, and will continue to receive priority police response.”



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