Ode to the Road kicked off poetry month at NC

Niagara College's Eva Tihanyi was one of the poets reading at Ode to the Road last Monday at the NOTL campus.
Niagara College’s Eva Tihanyi was one of the poets reading at Ode to the Road last Monday at the NOTL campus.

Story and photos by Sarah Piercey – Niagara College kicked off poetry month last Monday, April 4 at the beautiful Benchmark Restaurant at the Niagara-on-the-Lake campus. The afternoon’s theme was Ode to the Road and it was filled with stories describing the roads we take, the paths we choose, and the travels we go on.

President of the College, Dan Patterson opened the show welcoming the crowd, gave a special thanks to Karen McGrath, Director of Library Services, for putting that event together, and thanking the poets for attending. The storytellers of the event were Andrea Thompson, Susan Glickman, Patricia Keeney, and the College’s own Eva Tihanyi.

Tihanyi took the podium first reading poems titled The bridge, Song of the Sun, and Art is not a closed circle / or a straight line which illustrated life as an artist and the beauty in the everyday. Keeney followed her speaking of tales of world travels and family with Petals and Thorns, Night Train, and Strangely at Peace. Glickman was up next telling stories of observing life through her eyes and the eyes of others in Orient Express, Jacobs Ladder, and Yoga. Thompson closed the afternoon with her musical vibe in poems titled The great Baptist, A Brief History of Soul Speak, and Two Spirit People.

After the readings, all four women took the podium for a question and answer segment and signed copies of their work for their fans.

Tihanyi said in an interview, “I started writing poetry when i was 14. Grade 10, my first Creative Writing class, and I’ve never looked back.” Her new book, The Largeness of Rescue is out now.

“With this new book, I’ve already gone on record saying, I’m 59 right now, I couldn’t have written this book when I was 29 or 30, it’s like I’m double that age now; it’s a very different feel,” she said.

Sarah Piercey is a second year journalism student at Niagara College doing her work placement with Erie Media.