Ontario Government funding critical road reconstruction in Pelham and transit throughout Niagara

Government of Ontario press release – Ontario’s Government is investing in what matters through new infrastructure projects, which will make the province’s roads safer and commutes easier for drivers while creating jobs and growing the economy.

Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario, and Sam Oosterhoff, Member of Provincial Parliament for Niagara West, announced on Thursday, Aug. 8/2019, that the Province will fund an important road project in Pelham.

“Ontario is keeping its promise to help get people moving,” said Ford. “Open for Business means Open for Everybody. Improving roads helps connect people with jobs, and businesses with customers. With our plan, businesses, families and workers can count on an Ontario that will move faster than ever before.”

The project will include a full roadway reconstruction of 2.5 km of Pelham Street, new pedestrian sidewalks, on-road cycling lanes and new street lighting worth about $1.67 million in provincial funding. This initiative is being nominated under the Rural and Northern funding stream of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program, a 10-year, $30-billion cost-shared program that will support municipalities in repairing or building critical infrastructure.

“Good roads get people to work and home more easily and safely, so they can spend more time with the people they love,” said Laurie Scott, Minister of Infrastructure. “People in and around Pelham have been waiting for this announcement, and our investment will address local priorities while also reducing the administrative burden on local governments.”

The project in Pelham is in addition to 24 transit projects in the Region of Niagara being nominated under the Public Transit stream of ICIP.

The transit projects are worth about $23.9 million in provincial funding. They include the purchase of new buses that will reduce maintenance costs, new fareboxes that allow for tap payment from phones, credit cards, and debit cards, and the construction of a new operations facility that will allow Niagara to expand its transportation network to meet growing demand.

The federal government will review all of these proposals for eligibility under the program and make final funding decisions.

“Today’s announcement is yet another example of how our government is putting people first and protecting what matters most,” said Oosterhoff. “This investment will have a significant impact on the economic development of Pelham and of West Niagara as a whole.”

“Too many people are spending too much time stuck in traffic. That’s a waste of time and money. These nominated projects will help change that,” said Ford. “People want more time to do the things they love with the people they care about. This government hears that loud and clear; we’re getting Ontario moving.”

“On behalf of all residents of Pelham, I would like to thank Premier Ford, MPP Oosterhoff and the Ontario government at large for recognizing the infrastructure needs of our town,” said Mayor Marvin Junkin. “With this funding, Pelham will be able to urbanize a major roadway in the town, thereby making it safer for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists alike.”

Quick Facts

  • In 2017, Niagara Region Transit had a ridership of more than 523,000.
  • In 2018-19, the Province has committed more than $6.5 million in Gas Tax funding to Niagara Region and municipalities within the region.
  • The combined investment from the federal, provincial and local governments for the Pelham Street project forwarded under the Rural and Northern stream would be approximately $5 million.
  • The Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program is a $30 billion, 10-year infrastructure program cost-shared between federal, provincial and municipal governments. Ontario’s share per project will be up to 33.33 percent or about $10.2 billion spread across four streams: 1. Rural and Northern, 2. Public Transit, 3. Green, 4. Community, Culture, and Recreation
  • The combined investment from the federal, provincial and local governments for the 24 Niagara Region transit projects forwarded under the Public Transit stream would be approximately $64 million.
  • The Province has nominated 144 transit infrastructure projects from outside of the GTHA under the Public Transit stream of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program. For transit projects inside the GTHA, the province has nominated five key projects including the Ontario Line and Yonge North subway extension. The province is also currently accepting applications for transit projects from 11 municipalities inside the GTHA.
  • The Province has nominated 144 projects to the federal government for funding under the Rural and Northern stream, and some projects have already received federal approval to begin construction.

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