Ontario helping greenhouse farmers innovate and succeed

Government of Ontario press release – Ontario’s Government for the People is supporting the province’s greenhouse sector by encouraging innovation that takes steps to increase the supply of Canadian food in North American markets.

On Friday, Nov. 30/2018, Ernie Hardeman, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs announced that the government has worked with the Ontario Greenhouse Alliance to change the way that $8 million in existing funding will be delivered in order to maximize value and innovation in the sector. The streamlined program will result in additional innovative projects occurring in the greenhouse sector.

“Ontario greenhouse vegetables and ornamentals are available across North America and operations are growing to meet increasing demand for high-quality products in other markets,” said Hardeman. “We are working with our partners to make sure we deliver maximum value for our investments. We’re also focused on helping greenhouse farmers strengthen their operations so they can be more competitive, and continue to contribute to the success of our agri-food sector.”

Ontario has taken steps to reduce the burden for greenhouse businesses. These include clear actions to reduce electricity costs, end the cap and trade carbon tax, getting incentives to extend natural gas to more of rural Ontario and keeping the minimum wage rate at $14 per hour.


  • Ontario’s greenhouse sector grows by approximately 150 acres per year, with greenhouses making up a total 3,900 acres across the province.
  • Ontario represents almost 60% of the production area for Canadian greenhouse vegetables.
  • Last year Ontario’s greenhouse sector and related value chain supported over 81,000 jobs.
  • Agricultural Adaption Council will deliver the redesigned program and will encourage innovation by supporting greenhouse projects that are accelerated or incremental.