Pelham Arena lands back on the market; new designs welcome

Town of Pelham press release – 1120 Haist Street, commonly referred to in Pelham as the arena lands, is going back on the market, minus the requirement to adhere to the previously preferred development plan.

Pelham Town Council, inheriting the property’s for sale sign when they took office in 2018, reviewed the land’s sale and potential impacts on both green space and the Town’s financials, ultimately deciding on Monday, June 3/2019, to re-list the property for sale.

Hosting public information sessions and soliciting community feedback via survey, Council’s methodical approach to the eventual relisting is evidence of their commitment to the vision outlined in their recently adopted strategic plan: working together with the community to strengthen trust, enhance the quality of life and economic well-being for today and for the future.

Understanding the need to sell the property – now listed at $3.2 million dollars – to ensure commitments to capital projects approved from prior budgets are met, Council is focused on ensuring financial sustainability, and chose to relist the property for sale to meet those commitments.

“We have an obligation to do what is best for the Town now and into the future,” said Mayor Marvin Junkin. “These decisions aren’t always easy, but as a Council, we work together with one another, with staff, and with the community to come up with a plan to move ahead and ensure the Town’s financial sustainability.”

Having gone through previous public consultation to determine a preferred development plan for the site, this iteration of the sale does not require adherence to the previously approved plan. Any plans submitted, however, are required to go through the public consultation process.

There are no changes to the footprint of the land for sale; the approved zoning preserves the existing open space uses and allows for future public parking areas, single-detached and townhouse dwellings.

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