Pelham Building Division offers fully digital service

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Town of Pelham press release – Building services in the Town of Pelham will offer fully digital services beginning Monday, Mar. 16/2020.

Building permit drawings and applications will be accepted digitally, improving the level of customer service provided by the Town by limiting repeated trips to Town Hall for applications and expediting the permit review process.

Review and changes by staff will also be returned digitally, further reducing time spent physically going back and forth or adjusting daily schedules.

“This means less trips to Town Hall for the builder/designer and a more streamlined, expedited, and easier review process for the Plans Examiner,” said Barb Wiens, director of community planning and development. “We have test piloted digital plan submission with one builder and it was a success.”

Most builders indicated they would welcome and embrace this change in the delivery of service and view it as a benefit. This improvement builds on other digital improvements made in the delivery of building services function including digital inspection reports. Hard copy and paper processing is still available for those who wish to forego the digital option.

For smaller projects such building additions, decks, garages, and more, the Town will still accept paper copies of plans.

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