Pelham business community steps up in support of PCC

On Monday Mar. 5/2018, at the regular meeting of Council, members of the Pelham business community were recognized for their support for the Pelham Community Centre, pushing the PCC’s fundraising goal closer to its $3M dollar target.

“We’re well ahead of our projected timelines, and quite frankly, Council, I’m thrilled,” said Councillor Gary Accursi. “We owe a lot of that fundraising activity and support to our wonderful business community. They support virtually every event that goes on in our town and this time they are stepping up in a big way.”

Richard Taylor, on behalf of the Erwin Taylor Charitable Foundation, took a tour of the facility and marveled at what he saw both as a physical space and a place for programming.

“When we did our tour we were so impressed with it that we doubled the donation from the foundation,” he said. “If my uncle were here, he would double that donation again.”

For Tia Taylor of Contour Footcare, supporting the Community Centre was an easy decision.

“I’ve been wanting to do something for the community for a very long time, I just didn’t know what it was,” she said. “I grew up here as a child and there was never enough or much of anything going on for kids so when this opportunity came along I felt like this was my calling. I started out with a certain sum and when I did the tour I was overcome. I’m very proud of the community centre going up and I think each person in this room should be extremely proud – every day I’m proud to say that I live in Pelham. It gives me great pleasure to give back to the community. I’m also doing it in my memory of my parents because community was very important to them.”

For the Lucchetta brothers, Rob and Ed of Lucchetta Homes, it was important to give back to the community that has given so much to them. They applauded the Town’s ability to push forward in the face of adversity and work to complete a project that is for the entire community.

“We love Pelham,” said Rob Lucchetta of Lucchetta Homes. “We know it takes a lot of courage and persistence and foresight for the Council and steering committee and volunteers to bring this project forward; you had the fortitude to go forward.”

Ed Lucchetta, echoing his brother’s statements, also said that with the myriad of programs that will take place in the centre, he thought the building could be even bigger.

Ed Lucchetta’s final words were simple, but powerful: let’s be Pelham proud.

To learn more about the PCC and how you can support the fundraising campaigns, visit:

Source – Town of Pelham press release



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