Pelham Council passes Odourous Industries Nuisance bylaw

Town of Pelham press release – Town of Pelham Council passed the Odorous Industries Nuisance bylaw this week, the final draft of which was presented to Council by the Chair of the Cannabis Control Committee on Monday, Mar. 23/2020.

Complaints from residents established the need for the Town to review all options available to regulate and prohibit adverse effects and public nuisances caused by odourous industrial facilities. The bylaw seeks to address those concerns.

“Working alongside staff and Town Council, the Cannabis Control Committee has put in a great deal of work on the bylaw we’ve adopted,” said Mayor Marvin Junkin. “This is a bylaw that has been drafted, redrafted, and continuously worked on – it will address the major concerns of our residents when it comes to odour in the community.”

The bylaw stipulates that no person shall operate an odorous industrial facility that causes an adverse effect or public nuisance, except in accordance with the provisions of the bylaw. It also states that the owner, occupier and/or operator of an odorous industrial facility shall produce for inspection all licences, registrations and other forms of authorization which permit the cannabis operation or the heavy odour operation, as the case may be, on the property.

Regulations and penalties are also addressed in the bylaw, with fines ranging from $500 to $50,000 for a first conviction. The bylaw also gives bylaw enforcement officers powers of entry at any reasonable time for the purpose of carrying out an inspection to determine whether or not the bylaw is being complied with.

The bylaw will be in effect 90 days following its enactment.


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