Pelham Transit updating schedules, services

Town of Pelham press release – Changes to Pelham Transit’s routes, services, and schedules are on the horizon.

With a new link to Niagara Regional Transit, Pelham Transit is adapting its services to ensure consistent, timely pickups, drop-offs, and scheduling.

Having reviewed the early results in these changes in schedules and timing, Pelham’s staff responsible for transit continues to adjust the program to ensure it meets the needs of riders.

“As we navigate the updates to our own services, and linking with the Region’s transit, we’re identifying areas for improvement and consistency,” said director of public works Jason Marr. “There will be a learning curve with our expansion, but we will continuously seek out improvements and efficiencies with our transit service, ensuring that our riders are provided with the most convenient, timely experience.”

Beginning September 16, 2019, Pelham Transit is discontinuing the conventional service out to North Pelham, while increasing dial-a-ride services to this area for those affected by the change.

An expansion to regular dial-a-ride hours will also occur, moving to 5:30-10 p.m. opposed to the previous 7-10 p.m., filling the gap in service alteration.

These changes to Pelham Transit are designed to provide reliable, convenient service for those using local transit options.

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