Plan draft includes residential opportunities along Niagara River

On Nov. 6/2017, Chris Millar, Town Neighbourhood Planner, presented the Draft Southend Secondary Plan to Town Council. The draft included lands north of the Peace Bridge, between the horse track and Niagara River, up to Gilmore Road.

The purpose of a Secondary Plan is to accommodate a portion of future growth; identify opportunities for building strong communities; and to stimulate rejuvenation. Presently, Niagara Region is forecasting that Fort Erie will see a population increase of approximately 13,000 new residents by 2041.

“The Southend Secondary Plan is unlike many of the other Secondary Plans developed by the Town. The obvious difference being an almost entirely built-out, mature and generally stable neighbourhood,” said Millar. “Other Secondary Plans contained areas that were larger, open and previously undeveloped lands.”

Since growth potential in the Southend is limited based on the lands available, an enhanced residential setting along the Niagara River is being recommended in addition to select intensification in other areas of the neighbourhood,” he said. “We still have a couple matters needing attention, but we hope to have them resolved very shortly to allow us to move forward.”

The Draft Southend Secondary Plan recommendations are expected to be finalized by the end of this month and will be brought back to Council for consideration on adoption in early December.

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Source – Town of Fort Erie press release



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