Port Colborne Lions complete another great year

As most Lions Club consider June 30th the end of their Lions year, the Port Colborne Lions go that extra bit further by hosting their annual carnival mid July of each year.

The members spend countless hours setting up, preparing the booths and then actually running the carnival.  However, it is not all work and no play.

It just so happens that Lion Bill Muise celebrated his 65th birthday at this year’s carnival.  To help him celebrate, the carnival people gave him a ride down memory lane in one of his favorite vehicles shown below.  We noticed he slid right into the back seat.

As we all know, the community of Port Colborne continues to support the PC Lions to the point that we are able to donate back to them in the form of sponsoring sports teams, cadets, scouts and guides, scholarships, the Niagara Health System as well as Lions sponsored projects assisting those with sight related disabilities, dialysis treatment, kidney treatment.

The funding for these projects come from the various fund raisers held each year, such as the carnival with a specific draw being a new car each year. This year, the draw for the 2017 Jeep Patriot 4×4 was held at the City’s annual Canal Days Marine Heritage Festival. Shown below at the selection of the winning tickets were from left to right, Lion Rosanna Borbely, Port Colborne Mayor John Maloney who drew the winning ticket, and Lion David Borbely, chairperson of this years draw. The winner was Bob Stickles of Port Colborne.

Anyone interested in becoming a Port Colborne Lions Club member will find contact information on their Facebook Page.