Port Colborne man facing several charges

Niagara Regional Police Service press release – At approximately 630 p.m. on Tuesday October 9/2018 the 23-year-old victim was operating her vehicle heading home in rural Wainfleet after work. At this point she observed the 65-year-old accused tail gating her vehicle.

The victim pulled to the side of the roadway allowing the accused to pass however he purposely sideswiped the victims vehicle 3 times resulting in both vehicles entering a ditch.

The victim then called 911 and was able to provide police with detailed information with the assistance of the 911 operator.

At this point the accused retrieved a hammer type weapon and started to strike the victims windshield in an attempt to get at the victim. The accused shouted profanities at her and threatened numerous times to kill her. The victim and accused are not known to one another.

Police arrived shortly after and observed the accused standing at the victims drivers door and he continued to threaten to kill the victim. The accused refused the commands of officers and challenged Police to fight. This resulted in the deployment of the CEW that proved to be effective in assisting Police to gain control of the accused.

Police K9 unit attended and were able to locate the weapon in the corn field some distance away.

Charged is 65-year-old Walter Kirk of Port Colborne. Kirk faces the following Criminal Code Offences.

1. Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle
2. Uttering Death Threats
3. Mischief under $5000
4. Assault with a Weapon
5. Impaired Operation of a Motor Vehicle
6. Operating Motor Vehicle Exceeding 80mg of Blood Alcohol

Kirk is being held pending a bail hearing on October 10/2018.



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