Port Colborne Museum asking residents to #Porticpate during historic times

The Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum is asking residents to participate in history and share with them.

“This pandemic is unprecedented in our lifetime and as part of our mandate, the museum wishes to document the experiences of residents in Port Colborne,” museum curator Stephanie Powell Baswick said. “Future citizens of Port Colborne will be able to look back upon this event and see how our daily lives were affected and how we managed to persevere.”

The museum is looking for handwritten letters sharing personal thoughts, experiences, and feelings during these troubled times. Daily activities at home, drawings, photographs, all are welcome submissions for archiving.

People of all ages are asked to #Porticipate.

“This initiative will allow us as a community museum to have a physical archive, as well as connect with the community and capture their thoughts using a traditional form of communication,” curator Stephanie Powell Baswick said. “There may be participants that have never had the opportunity to write and mail a letter, or receive a written letter in the mail, and this will be a new experience for them.”

Letters are to be mailed to the Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum:
PO Box 572
Port Colborne, ON
L3K 5X8

They can also be placed in the mailbox at the museum’s front door.

People who don’t have supplies for mailing a letter can request a kit (paper, stamp, and envelope) from the museum.

If requested, the museum staff will send a reply.

Letters submitted will be compiled in the Heritage Resource Centre and Archive and one day may be part of an exhibit for future generations to read.