Port Museum needs artifacts for time capsule

Quintin Keddy is heading up the Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum’s time capsule effort. They were set up at the Vale Health and Wellness Centre at the New Year’s Eve event informing the public and collecting materials for the time capsule.

Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum is looking for special artifacts from Port Colborne residents, artifacts that can be included in the museum’s time capsule which is set to be buried during Heritage Week February 19-25/2018.

“We are collecting items to go into a time capsule which will be opened in 50 years,” said Stephanie Powell Baswick, Curator Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum. “The Mayor’s office has been collecting things over the year and we’re going to put it all together in February for Heritage week.”

“It’s been the focal point for Quintin Keddy of Lakeshore Catholic High School, he’s our heritage researcher,” she said. “He’s been writing people getting input from business people and the community.”

“We have a message book where people can write a message that will be read in 50 years, coins have been donated as well as some photographs,” she said.  “We’re just trying to celebrate Port Colborne, anything Port Colborne.”

“There’s a lot of things going at the museum this year, a lot of different events,” Quintin Keddy said. “The time capsule came up and Stephanie thought I could have some sort of new perspective on it. The last time capsule had a lot of newspaper clippings, there wasn’t much diversity.”

“I was asked to go out into the community and find items that would be interesting to someone 50 years from now,” he said. “So far we’ve received a lot of different coins and photos as well as some newspapers.”

The book with that people are putting a personal message in is one different item they are including and seems to be a nice touch.

Port Colborne Mayor John Maloney put in his message to the future at the display at the New Year’s Eve event at the Vale Health and Wellness Centre.

“I just love the idea,” Mayor Maloney said. “I can’t wait to see what items we do come up with for the project.”

The time capsule will be buried at the Vale Health and Wellness Centre in February 2018 to be excavated and opened again in 50 years.

To donate items to be enclosed in the time capsule contact the Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum at 905-834-7604 or email museum@portcolborne.ca.



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