Pro tips for training your new puppy

If you’ve recently welcomed a puppy into your home, you know the trials and tribulations that inevitably come with training. These handy tips and tricks will help your new pet build the foundation to become a loyal and well-mannered best friend for life.

Positive reinforcement. The Pavlovian method is a tried-and-true way to make sure your pet is learning from their good behaviours, as well as their bad ones. If your pet engages in good behaviour, make sure to reward them immediately to solidify the positive habit. This includes times other than training, as pets will learn any time they’re rewarded or punished.

Train with high-quality treats. Grain-free treats are easy for puppies to eat, leaving no wasted time for your pet to get distracted while slowly eating chewy treats. High-quality treats will also keep your dog engaged when you need that attention. ACANA Singles treats are easily digestible and nourish pets according to their evolutionary needs. These freeze-dried treats are equally as nutritious as they are delicious, making them the perfect treats to train with.

Exercise is key. Providing your puppy with plenty of breed-appropriate exercise will make sure they are focused when training. Channel their innate energy into activities that make them stronger and tire them out for a clear mind during instruction.

Body language. While our pets cannot verbally let us know how they’re feeling, their body language can say a lot about their emotions and understanding. Learn to read the signs associated with canine body language for the most effective sessions.

Consistency. Determine in advance which behaviours will be rewarded. It might help to write them down. Once the guide is created, share with friends and family members. Staying true to this guide is essential to keeping your puppy’s progress on track.

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