Program needs help to purchase newer truck

A GoFundMe page has been set up by the Port Colborne Optimist Club to help raise funds to purchase a newer truck needed by The Broken Spoke program. Photo submitted

The Broken Spoke program needs help, the pick-up truck the program has been using to pick up bikes from landfills all around the region has worn out, the program needs help raising funds for a newer one.

“The twenty-year-old truck is getting really tired,” Aubrey Foley, Broken Spoke program coordinator said. “Last week it was a tire, the week before that, engine gaskets, a tranny. NAPA Auto Parts who have helped support the program suggested that we look into something newer.”

“I really don’t want to tie up CAA’s time by having them have to follow me all over the region,” he said.

Foley had bought the truck when he established the program at Port High in 2015 to be used only for picking up the bikes to be recycled and delivering the recycled bicycles to those in need.

The Broken Spoke program run by Foley is at Port Coborne High School. The program engages high school students who recycle bicycles for donations to those in need. The program has supported people locally, nationally and internationally since it began.

“Last week, we brought 300 bikes to Beamsville for the migrant workers there,” Foley said. “We have moved about 200 bikes in the last three months and 5,480 bikes in total since we started the program.”

Broken Spoke bicycles have been sent to communities in Haiti, Cuba and Africa.

The program is funded through donations from the community.

The Port Colborne Optimist Club has gotten involved with The Broken Spoke program and has set up a GoFundMe page to hopefully raise $10,000 to purchase a newer pick-up for the program.

“We are involved because if the Broken Spoke doesn’t have a truck, it’ll be very difficult for Aubrey to either pick up bikes to be up cycled from landfills and residences or to deliver them for those in need,” said club president Janet Pilon.

“Bikes are given to children and adults through this program,” she said.  “With the Optimist club mandate being all about kids, we want every child to have a bike who desires one.”

She pointed out that it is a great physical activity for children, but, in communities around the world, bicycles are a necessity to some families as their only means of transportation to get to work and provide for the family.

The link for the GoFundMe page is: The Optimist is asking for people who can to help by making a donation.



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