RCMP take delivery of first Airbus H145

Airbus Helicopters Canada recently delivered the first H145 helicopter to the RCMP. Airbus Helicopters Canada photo

Recently the Royal Canadian Mounted Police took delivery of the first H145 helicopter from Airbus Helicopters Canada (facility located in Fort Erie, ON.).

On Dec. 20/2018, the twin-engine H145 helicopter was delivered to the RCMP. It will be based in Langley, B.C. at the RCMP’s lower mainland facility.

“The RCMP’s Air Support Unit will utilize the versatile twin-engine H145 helicopter for a variety of missions. It will support tactical deployments day and night over land and water for the Emergency Response Team, expand options in the area of fast roping and hoisting, assist with missing persons investigations and add capabilities to search and rescue operations,” said a press release from Airbus Helicopters.

H145 helicopter

“With its enhanced safety features and reputation for reduced maintenance and excellent availability, the multi-role H145 is an ideal aircraft for multi-faceted law enforcement missions,” said Romain Trapp, President of Airbus Helicopters Canada in the press release. “We are very pleased that the H145 will enter into service to support RCMP operations, assisting the men and women who serve and protect Canadians.”

The helicopter can be reconfigured easily and quickly which has led to law enforcement organizations looking at the model for their needs.

“Airbus helicopters are the aircraft of choice for law enforcement missions across Canada, capturing 83% of the market,” the release said. “The H145 has been equipped with a wide variety of mission specific equipment including external hoist and rope down device (for one or two persons), Trakka A800 searchlight, Enhanced Reality System, Health Monitoring System (HMS), FLIR, Night Vision Goggles, Tactical Flight Officer (TFO) workstation and internal long-range fuel tank system.”

Upcoming deliveries of the H145 helicopter will include STARS’ in Calgary, Alberta.

“STARS air ambulance has set a fantastic record and example for EMS operations, not only in Western Canada but across the country,” said Romain Trapp, President of Airbus Helicopters Canada in a press release. “We thank STARS for entrusting Airbus and the H145 to support their life-saving operations. We look forward to accompanying STARS on their journey to serve patients in Western Canada for generations to come.”

The delivery is expected to take place early in 2019.