Rocky Horror continuing its run in Niagara Falls

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Canadiana Productions to stage show at the Seneca Queen Theatre

Enterprise Canada press release – One of the most popular cult Halloween traditions is continuing its run in Niagara Falls — although it will be in a new home.

Every Halloween since 2002, Canadiana Productions Inc. has staged an interactive performance of the Rocky Horror Show at its Log Cabin Theatre on Lundy’s Lane. The show will go on in 2019, but the performance is moving to the Seneca Queen Theatre in downtown Niagara Falls.

“Quite simply, the demand to be part of our Rocky Horror production has outgrown the space we have in the Log Cabin Theatre,” says Eric Hitchcock, General Manager of Canadiana Productions. “We needed a bigger venue, and quite frankly we are excited to bring this event to downtown and support the other businesses in the core.”

For the uninitiated, the Rocky Horror Show is a 1973 stage production lampooning the cheesy horror films of the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s. Adapted into a film two years later (the Rocky Horror Picture Show), it quickly gained cult status and drew a die-hard following of fans who like to dress up and interact with the show.

While there are some stage productions that frown on audience members singing and dancing along, or throwing things in the middle of the show, Canadiana Productions encourages just that. In partnership with Positive Living Niagara, it even offers for sale audience participating kits that include key (and permissible) items the audience can use, such as confetti, rubber gloves, and balloons. All of the proceeds from the sale of the kits support Positive Living Niagara, which provides support, education, and advocacy in a safe and confidential environment for HIV-positive individuals, their families, and their friends.

Canadiana Productions Artistic Director Lee Siegel says their production of Rocky Horror takes the show back to its roots, with all the cheese and low-budget basement theatre vibe that helped drive it to cult status.

“What makes our version unique this year is that we’ll be in a legit movie/concert hall,” he says. “The Seneca Queen has a nostalgic glory about it. We promise that Rocky Horror fans, young and old, will get the Rocky they know and love, but we’ll have a few tricks up our sleeves for those who have seen it before, and to those Rocky virgins in the room, it will be a night they’ll remember forever. We still encourage dressing up, and participation kits will be available at the door. Rocky is a party, and a party is going to be had!”

The Seneca Queen Theatre has screened the Rocky Horror Picture Show the past two years during the Halloween season, but the live experience will stage the production the way it was meant to be seen.

“Traditionally, Rocky Horror was a stage theatre show,” says Trevor Ritchie, General Manager of the Seneca Queen Theatre. “It is going to be incredible to have a live performance, more based on rock bands. And that’s what we do here — rock music. It’s a great marriage.”

During the movie screenings, Ritchie would station himself in the theatre’s AV room above the crowd with a SuperSoaker, and spray water down on the crowd during the rain scenes. He expects to replicate that during the play.

“I’ve never been in a theatre where people are actually being soaked by rain during the rain scene,” he says. “It will bring a different element to it.”

For more information, please visit Follow Canadian Productions on Twitter@OhCanadaEhShow, Instagram @ohcanadaehshow and Like it on Facebook. Check out clips of its productions on YouTube.


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