Rolling back the clock means it’s time to test smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

City of St. Catharines press release – It’s once again time to roll back the clock for Daylight Savings Time, and with it comes a reminder to check in on the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms that keep families safe.

St. Catharines Fire Services is reminding residents to test the alarms in their homes as they roll back their clocks one hour on Sunday, Nov. 3/2019.

“Changing the clocks is always a great reminder to test the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms that can make all the difference in an emergency,” said Acting Fire Chief Jeff McCormick, adding, “alarms are proven to save lives, but that only applies when they are working and a home escape plan is prepared and acted upon.”

Residents are encouraged to ensure their alarms work by replacing the batteries every six months when the clocks change and testing them once a month. The need to test alarms, and replace batteries, extends to hard-wired alarms. Homeowners should always be sure replacement batteries are the type recommended by the manufacturer.

Old batteries should not be thrown out in the trash. Instead, they can be dropped off in the bin on the second floor of St. Catharines City Hall or a Niagara Region household hazardous waste drop-off depot.

Ontario law requires working smoke alarms on every storey of a home and outside all sleeping areas.

Working carbon monoxide alarms are required in sleeping areas of homes with wood-burning fireplaces, attached garages or fuel-burning appliances such as gas furnaces, gas stoves or gas water heaters.

While testing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms is one way to ensure home safety there is more residents can do.

To learn more about alarms, home escape plans, emergency preparedness and a variety of home-safety tips visit


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