Season’s Greetings from City Hall

The Mayor’s Report with Welland Mayor Frank Campion

Frank Campion, Mayor City of Welland. Photo by Thies Bogner

December is one of the most exciting and anticipated months of the year because it’s the month that releases winter fun, brings families together, and offers festive events throughout the city.

December gives us the opportunity to get back on the ice, take the family tobogganing or, simply enjoy an afternoon with hot chocolate. It’s also a time to reflect on the past year that we’ve shared together as a community, and enjoy time with good neighbours and friends.

December invites a variety of holiday celebrations that bring families and neighbourhoods together.

December’s celebrations are the inspiration behind the massive Christmas tree outside of Civic Square and the city’s Santa Claus Parade that kicks off the holiday season every November.

Christmas is a celebration that unites us through events, food, and tradition. Some of this excitement can be found on Saturday, December 22/2018, while shoppers celebrate Christmas at the Market at the Welland Farmers’ Market. Bring the kids to this annual tradition to find all your Christmas trimmings and meet the people who grow your food.

Or join us New Year’s Eve to close 2018 with our annual Children’s New Year’s Eve Bash.

Although Christmas decorations, parties, and music tend to be highlighted in December; other holiday traditions are celebrated throughout the city. Welland has always been a city vibrant with multiculturalism, tradition, and customs. Families celebrate Hanukkah in December with eight nights of festivities, which includes lighting the menorah candelabrum each night, and enjoying a variety of traditional foods.

Kwanzaa is a celebration of traditions and family. Kwanzaa festivities include a celebration of visual arts, music, and culture. Food is also a symbol of statement and tradition during Kwanzaa and brings an array of African favourites to the table.

These are just a few traditional family celebrations that take place among Welland families. Join your neighbours this December and discover how diversity in culture and tradition bring families and holidays together. Although we all have our own unique ways to commemorate our traditions; shared values such as joy, hope, peace, and giving, tie us all together.

Enjoy the festivities with friends, family, and neighbours. On behalf of Welland City Council and City Staff, have a safe and wonderful holiday season.