Sherkston Supermart pitches in to support School Children’s Lunch Kit Program

Sherkston Supermart recently made a donation of $2,500 to Port Cares for the School Lunch Kit program. In photo left to right: Ron Bodner, James Bodner, Christine Clark Lafleur (Port Cares), Glen Alexander, Renato Guerini (Sobeys Wholesale), Claire Bodner and Amanda Upper (Port Cares). Port Cares photo

Port Cares press release – For local school children in need, going back to school will be a whole lot
easier knowing that they will have nutritious lunches thanks to Sherkston Supermart’s support of the Port Cares Reach Out Centre School Lunch Kit program.

The Bodner Family and their business Sherkston Supermart, located inside Sherkston Shores Resort, recently donated $2,500 to support the Lunch Kit program. The Lunch Kit program is 100 percent reliant on donation and philanthropic support. Last school year, 2,404 lunch kits were provided to local children supplying 12,020 individual lunches to elementary and secondary school students during the school year.

“Through the support of Sobeys we offer a wide selection of nutritious and delicious products, but it is important for us to remember that not everyone has equal access to food, or basic needs. Our partnership with Sobeys Wholesale has helped our success and allowed us to help our community by supporting this very important program.” said Ron Bodner.

“This donation comes on the fourth anniversary of our launch of this important service. Every child who is registered for the lunch kit program is a child living in a low income or poor family where choices have to made about whether there is enough money to pay the rent or buy nutritious healthy food. Port Cares started this program with the incredible support of the Branscombe Family Foundation and we are blessed to have the number of community supporters grow every year,” said Christine Clark Lafleur, Executive Director, Port Cares. “On behalf of the children and families we serve we sincerely thank Ron, Claire, James, and Glen, of the Bodner Family for their generosity and community goodwill.”



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