St. Catharines bar fined for overcrowding

St. Catharines Fire Department CrestCity of St. Catharines press release – The operator of the Mansion House Hotel in Downtown St. Catharines has been fined by the Ontario Court of Justice for overcrowding at the bar.

1602128 Ontario Ltd. pled guilty on Friday, April 12 to Ontario Fire Code charges of exceeding the occupant load for the number of persons occupying a room or floor space in an assembly occupancy. The establishment had more occupants in its main floor bar area and in its lounge area than the authorized capacity.

The court imposed a $7,500 fine against the operators as well as court costs and victim fine surcharges.

Acting Fire Chief Jeff McCormick said it is dangerous for restaurants, bars and nightclubs to have more people than they can accommodate.

“The Ontario Fire Code outlines occupancy limits so that everyone can feel safe when inside an establishment,” said the acting fire chief. “Maintaining the proper occupant capacity ensures a quick evacuation through the available exits in the event of an emergency.”

The acting fire chief advises patrons attending a restaurant, bar, nightclub, hall or other type of venue to be familiar with the exit locations in the event of an emergency. If they have any concern regarding the number of people at the establishment, they should bring their concerns to the those who are responsible for ensuring crowds do not exceed established occupant loads.

If concerns are not addressed and patrons don’t feel safe, they should leave and contact St. Catharines Fire and Emergency Services at 905.688.5601 ext. 4224.


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