Strategic alliance agreement with the Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre

Town of Fort Erie press release – On Tuesday April 23/2019 at the Regular Council meeting, Mayor and Councilors took the town slogan “a connected community of choice” one step further in passing By-law No. 64-2019.

By-law No. 64-2019 is an agreement that establishes a strategic alliance between the Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre and The Corporation of the Town of Fort Erie. The purpose of this By-law is to strengthen the shared vision of preserving and sharing in the uniquely rich community heritage and knowledge of the pre-contact, Indigenous settlement, trading, burial and cultural activities in the Fort Erie area. This will increase the effectiveness of both organziations by strategically partnering resources and sharing expertise where possible.

Fort Erie Mayor Wayne Redekop said that “the Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre and the Town of Fort Erie share a rich local heritage founded on a mutual commitment to community partnerships and our respective roles in preserving and exploring opportunities in Fort Erie. This strategic alliance agreement will further benefit both organizations by producing a mutual commitment to partnership and outlining respective roles in advancing the interests of our community and preserving and exploring heritage opportunities which support excellence through continuous improvement as a foundation for all activities.”

Jennifer Dockstader, Executive Director of the Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre added “This By-law shows the true nature of Reconciliation that can be achieved between the Indigenous Community and our allies. Relationships are key to all of our future and the Town of Fort Erie along with the Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre are showing leadership to all Canadians. We are excited by the acknowledgement of us as an organization on behalf of our Indigenous Community and the acknowledgement of our history in this area before contact with Settlers and from time immemorial. It is a pleasure to be Together for a Stronger Tomorrow with the Town of Fort Erie”.

For this By-law to be implemented the Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre and the Town of Fort Erie agree to the assigning of member(s) to an Alliance Working Group as appropriate. This working group will focus on the current and future obligations and opportunities existing for both organizations in the Greater Fort Erie area.


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